About thecoolhumans

Have you ever been to a party or wedding reception where the dj talked way too much, or played horrible music? Me too. That is why thecoolhumans want to be your djs. Our main objective is to rock your party. We provide totally personalized playlists to ensure that you hear what you want to hear. We also offer an optional light show to entice your guests to get out of their seats and dance. We will be happy to make announcements for you, but will not blab incessantly all night.

Less talk = More music.
More music = More fun.

Bottom line? It's your party, so it's all up to you.  We just want you and your guests to have an unforgettably great time. A dj needs to be able to feel what the crowd wants to hear, & we are really good at that!  So, we'll handle the dj stuff, and you can just enjoy your party!